Ajbrui delivers dynamically configurable Integrated Components for optical communications vendors and optical interconnects. Ajbrui pursues these technological challenges utilizing its innovative Moving Waveguide technology.
DVOA - Closed-Loop Digital Variable Optical Attenuator

A complete Closed-Loop Digital Variable Optical Attenuator System-On-a-Chip. The DVOA integrates functionalities of 16 discrete optical and electronic components into a single small module.
The DVOA integrates both the optical control (input/output optical couplers, optical interconnects and photodiodes) and electronic control (log-amps, micro-converter and other peripherals) in a single, small and self-sealed 42x17x10mm package sealed at a wafer level.
The DVOA’s unique feature-set and high integration provides the following benefits:

1. It enables engineers to achieve substantial savings in direct cost (70%) and direct footprint (95%).
2. It significantly simplifies the design and operation of complete optical boards.
3. Its integrated optical interconnect eliminates the external fiber coupling and splicing for better manufacturability.

The DVOA on-board microprocessor control, alarm reporting capabilities, on-board Input/Output Optical Power Monitor, automatic calibration, Optical Automatic Power Control (OAPC) and its continuous power adjustment to environmental changes and aging makes it an attractive plug and play and maintenance free solution.


  1. A Complete Closed-Loop Digital VOA
  2. System-On-a-Chip
  3. Digital Control by SPI/I2C Interface
  4. On-Board Input/Output Power Monitor
  5. Automatic Equilization of Output power Level (APC)
  6. S C and L bands
  7. Quick Response Time [350us typical]
  8. Low Cost Sealed Package
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