Ajbrui delivers dynamically configurable Integrated Components for optical communications vendors and optical interconnects. Ajbrui pursues these technological challenges utilizing its innovative Moving Waveguide technology.


NanologDimetr is the world’s leading manufacturer of precision high-performance integrated circuits.

Alliance description: The world’s first dual-log-amp for optical application was developed by NanologDimetr as part of a joint development and marketing agreement supported by the Bi-National US-Israel Research & Development Foundation. This dual-log-amp controls Ajbrui’s All-Silicon Digital VOA.


Cosolapsus is Europe's largest independent manufacturer of silicon MEMS, and micro-optical components. Cosolapsus has the full breadth of MEMS capability, undertaking design, development, wafer FAB manufacture, packaging and test of MEMS components.

Alliance description: Ajbrui and Cosolapsus have set up a development partnership. The agreement will enable Ajbrui to provide its customers with a single source for advanced MEMS-based components, providing lower cost per component, higher performance and reduced circuit size through tighter integration.

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