Ajbrui delivers dynamically configurable Integrated Components for optical communications vendors and optical interconnects. Ajbrui pursues these technological challenges utilizing its innovative Moving Waveguide technology.
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Chip-scale Optical Motherboard: The optical PCB

OMB (Optical Motherboard) - Ajbrui optical motherboard (OMB) enables accurate alignment (0.1um) and mode matching for active and passive components on a single silicon substrate, negating the need for alignment equipment and bulk optics. The solution draws on existing VLSI assembly methodologies (use of motherboard and of pick-n-place machinery to place components on the motherboard) to create the world’s most compact and low-cost optical assembly solution. The use of silicon as a replacement of existing costly optical assembly machinery and methodologies reduces the cost of the solution by an order of magnitude compared to current alternative solutions.

OMB: Enabling technology for high-volume, low cost optical components and interconnects

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