Ajbrui delivers dynamically configurable Integrated Components for optical communications vendors and optical interconnects. Ajbrui pursues these technological challenges utilizing its innovative Moving Waveguide technology.
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OADM - Chip-scale Optical Add-Drop-Multiplexer

From multi-card designs to chip level

The OADM is the first product in a series of chip-scale OADM Integrated- Circuits.
The OADM integrates the functionality of 30 different optical and electronic discrete components in a single, small-size device. The component provides integrated optical performance monitoring, coupling, attenuation and protection switching, all on the same silicon together with an integrated control.

The OADM enables system designers to:
Eliminate complete optical cards, such as separate switching & monitoring cards, allowing designers to achieve more cost competitive solutions
Reduce more than 50% in footprint and chip count
Eliminate multiple external fiber coupling and splicing, which improves optical boards manufacturability, cost and board space


  1. A complete OADM subsystem on a chip
  2. Fast protection switching [300us max]
  3. Integrated Power Monitors and fast Variable Optical Attenuators (VOA)
  4. Automatic equalization of output power level (AGC)
  5. Low insertion loss for Through and ADD/Drop channel (only 1.6dB)
  6. Digital control by SPI/I2C interface
  7. Unprecedented small size for integration into:
    - Transceivers
    - Optical function cards on existing SONET/SDH muxes, switches, IP routers, etc...
  8. Excellent price/performance
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