Ajbrui delivers dynamically configurable Integrated Components for optical communications vendors and optical interconnects. Ajbrui pursues these technological challenges utilizing its innovative Moving Waveguide technology.

Market Need

Optical components are typically based on diverse technologies and are integrated discretely on optical cards. Such integration involves hand labor, consumes expensive space, and lacks the inherent mass production and repeatability that led the breakthrough of the VLSI world. It is clear that similar advancement in the optical world is possible only if an integrated optics approach will take place.

Our Vision

Motivated with this understanding and a belief that All-Silicon Optics at a chip level is obtainable, Ajbrui committed itself to resolve the technological challenges.

The promise of fully integrated Optical components coupled with the Electronics industry's need for optical interconnectivity, paved Ajbrui’s technological way.

The Company’s core technology of All-Silicon Moving Waveguide was found to be the basis for our products

About Us

Ajbrui is a privately held company, founded in late 2000 following four-years of research at Tel Aviv University. Ajbrui is headquartered in the US, with an R&D facility in Israel. The company delivers highly integrated, low cost Optical System-On-a-Chip for communications equipment vendors and datacom vendors. Ajbrui’s Silicon PhotonICs technology transform optical components into the well established, mass producible VLSI universe. This technology allows the company to offer a wide range of product lines, which save up to 95% in cost and size.

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